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Baldwin Denim

Matt Baldwin & Baldwin Denim Bio
Matt Baldwin was born and raised in Kansas. He spent most of his college years pursuing his love of snowboarding, leading him to the East Coast, on to Colorado and finally landing him in Los Angeles, to finish his degree in Apparel Manufacturing at FIDM. Matt committed himself to learn the many facets of the business by working for designers, and being a sales rep for a clothing line. In 2003 Baldwin moved back to his home state of Kansas and opened Standard Style Boutique and Standardstyle.com in Kansas City. For the past 6 years he and his wife Emily have grown their vision to include two stores in Kansas City, one on the Kansas side in Leawood and the other in Kansas City Missouri. Standard Style has been a top source for premium denim in the Midwest since 2003.

In the Fall of 2009 Matt launched his first collection of premium denim for men and women. His knowledge base of fits and fabrics through working day in and day out with the customer has led him to focus on fit and uses classic but modern design aesthetics. Baldwin denim is choosing high quality small run American and Japanese fabrics centered around a lifestyle of men and women wearing dry selvage denim. The design philosophy is less is more and quality shows. Baldwin denim is sewn in the USA.

The Long and Short: 15 Questions for Matt Baldwin:

1. “First Pair?” “Last Pair?”
First pair ever… dunno my mom bought my clothes. Last pair… The 77 (Yellow Cone Mills selvage).

2. Where is your favorite source for selvedge?
Cone Mills White Oak Plant.

3. Who wore it better Dean or McQueen?

4. Who is an innovator like Levi today?
The innovators right now are the groups of individuals in denim and other industries that are producing quality American made goods.

5. What’s in your fifth pocket?
Actually…my son’s stick of gum I think. Thanks for reminding me.

6. Cuff or no cuff?

7. Worst crime against denim: go. (i.e. hat, backpack, daresay, rollerskates).
The flare.

8. Do you have any holes in your jeans? Is there a story there?
I only get holes in non-selvage pairs… word to the wise only buy selvage when you buy dry (selvage spelled the US English way because buying American feels better).

9. Are you a purist or an innovator?

10. What, in all of the history of the “jean” first hooked you into wanting to make a pair of jeans?
Not a single pair, but not being able to get exactly what I wanted.

11. How have jeans changed your life? And the converse?
Denim has changed my life… its such a cool common ground to connect with people. I don’t know a single person that doesn’t wear denim. Educating men and women on dry that have never been exposed to it and taking them through a piece of our country’s history that they don’t teach you in school! I love the wow factor when you show a new pair against a year old pair with one wash. It is so personal and uniquely you!

12. Rivets. Talk about what sets yours apart.
Rivets… my signature white rivet. It’s the midcentury modernist in me that loves a contradiction and mixing materials while keeping it clean and classic.

13. Back pockets can make or break a pair of jeans. Tell me why yours are the best back pockets.
There is nothing on it to screw it up.

14. “There are some crazy rules to how to take care of a pair of jeans. What, in your opinion is the best way to treat your denim?”
(Touitou has said smoke cigarettes and rub the ashes in the legs)..with that said….

Go as long as you can without washing. Never machine dry. When you wash: either hand wash in cold or machine wash in gentle cycle by itself inside out with a small amount of detergent. Let it completely dry and start killin them again… sit back and watch them age.

15. What’s the best way to treat your denim?
Live in them.

Q/A courtesy of Max Wastler

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