Tender Co. SS11 #130 – Initial Fit

I’ll get some more info from Emil on the fit and these soon…

Here is some info on the materials and denim:

16oz Japanese blue-line selvedge denim
- Cut and sewn in Leicester, England
- 100% cotton thread
- Deep V yoke adds room in the seat
- Large square back pockets, lined with English selvedge calico, overlap the yoke
- Front pockets angled for ease of entry; pocket mouth will soften and curve with use
- Pocket mouths reinforced with hidden selvedge strips for durability
- Hip-stitched pencil slot in right pocket
- Reverse top-stitched inseam and double-stitched yoke prevent blowouts in the crotch and seat
- 6 belt loops lined with English selvedge calico
- Double folded hems for maximum “rope” fading
- Care label attached to yoke at back, can be removed if desired
- Removable brass waist button is cast in small batches using time-consuming “lost wax” method
- Kick-pressed copper dome rivets
- Finished jeans are dip-dyed by hand in pure vegetable indigo by Woad-Inc. in Norfolk, England
- Dye sourced from Amigos del Anil, an indigo farm in El Salvador (this region is the plant’s native home)
- Though unsanforized, the jeans shrink during the dip-dyeing process


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  1. Paul Dec 02, 2010 at 7:55 am #

    I really want a pair of these jeans. The story (and man) behind the jeans is great. Everything from the rivets, stitching, to the woad-dyed denim… It’s worth the price, but it’s a steep price!

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