Emil’s Studio D’Artisan 25th Anniversary Jeans

After almost 5 months of wearing my Ooe Yofukutens nearly every day, I washed them at the laundromat and they shrunk to a point that made them uncomfortably tight. Ugh. So, I decided to retire them and I went back to a rotation of some of my older pairs of jeans.

The pictures here show my Studio D’Artisan 25th Anniversary jeans that I bought back in 2005 on a trip to Japan. They were a limited edition of 300 pairs, and they came in a cool box with an awesome banner made from the same denim that jeans are constructed from. Details like exposed dome rivets, the leather patch on the top of the back right pocket with “D’Artisan” written in Wrangler’s classic “rope” font, and a uniquely shaped coin pocket all making reference to some specific pair of Wranglers (I don’t know what year or era).

I’ve worn these jeans on and off for 5 years. They spent about 8 months in the possession of my friend Cathal (owner of Folk), as part of a trade we made. I then traded him a new pair of Real McCoy’s because I wanted my D’Artisans back. These have been repaired in the crotch by our trusted friend Mari (I highly recommend Mari’s services: chainstitchnyc@gmail.com) and more recently I enlisted Chris from Stanley & Sons to give me a hand-stitched knee patch. Once my Ooe Yofukutens became unwearable these jeans quickly rose to the top of my rotation, and it was a lot of fun while it lasted . . .

. . . they have served as a bridge between my Yofukutens and my next pair of Denim Debate jeans — Tender’s SS11 Type 103 Jeans. I recently received a sample pair from William Kroll, Tender’s founder, and I will be sending initial photos shortly.

(And the Ooe Yofukutens have not disappeared for good. I gave them to my friend Quentin, who has been wearing them for a few weeks now. Hopefully we’ll have some photos soon. They should be at about the 6 1/2 month point by now, between the two of us.)

7 Responses to “Emil’s Studio D’Artisan 25th Anniversary Jeans”

  1. andy Oct 28, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

    Dear Emil,

    Please forgive me if I sound disrespectful but why in the world would someone purchase jeans that after one wash becomes “uncomfortably tight” and “unwearable”? I know you said many good things about the Ooe’s but really! Really? I hope that if you knew about this before your endeavor you would not have agreed to it. I don’t know a single person that if told that you can never wash your jeans or they will be unwearable, would purchase them. Don’t get me wrong, your blog was wonderful and I followed it and loved the aging and the wear of those jeans but you totally lost me and I’m sure many others, with your last posting about “unwearable” after the wash. WOW!

  2. Ryan Oct 28, 2010 at 5:54 pm #

    Andy, I’m not Emil, but I imagine that either the cleaner (NYC no one has their own shit) either used super hot water and shrank them… or too long, or another thing maybe this was Emil’s first pair of Ooe’s and sized a little too tight for shrinkage… or preference… whatever… I’ll let him respond… but I’ve done this as well, it’s shitty but life…

  3. wrinkled Oct 28, 2010 at 7:46 pm #

    “I don’t know a single person that if told that you can never wash your jeans or they will be unwearable, would purchase them.”

    You clearly don’t know any denimheads.

  4. Emil Oct 29, 2010 at 8:27 am #

    Hey Andy, I know what you mean but I probably just didn’t describe what happened well enough. The Ooe Yofukuten’s fit me really perfectly when I took them out of the box. They stretched out a bit and after each cold wash they would shrink back to basically their original waist size, perhaps 1/2″ smaller. I had probably washed them in cold water four times before I cavalierly decided it was safe to send them to the laundromat with all my other clothes.

    When I got them back they had shrunk in the waist and in the thighs to a point where they were just too tight for my taste. I could get them on, but the fit was no longer what it had been and I wasn’t pleased with them any longer. When I said “unwearable” above I meant that they’d become unwearable in terms of my own taste in how a pair of jeans ought to fit. They weren’t defective or poorly made or anything like that, I just changed them too dramatically to want to wear them anymore. Of course I was sad about this, but I made the most of it by passing them on to a friend who is a bit skinnier than I am, and they look really good on him.

    I bought the Ooe Yofukuten’s without being able to try them on — very much in the spirit of experimentation, and specifically for this forum. I did my best research and made an educated guess when I was ordering them, but the reality is that I probably should have gotten them one size larger.

  5. criss Oct 30, 2010 at 8:33 am #

    SD’s look great ! respect for the 5 (!!) years.


    @andy: no need playing the drama queen here.

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  7. Mark Dec 10, 2010 at 9:38 am #

    Hi Emil, Andy,
    presumably these denims were bought raw and unwashed? It is perfectly normal then that they would shrink one whole size when “hot washed” which is why most regular denims are sold on preshrunk denim or piece washed. Even so it is still difficult to judge what size to buy raw in order to get your perfect size when washed. Either never hot wash or wear them in in a size too big which is never as nice….?!

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